Thank you to the Landowners in Moosehead Lake

February 13, 2020 by Danielle Dorrie

Our vast, wild-feeling forested landscape is owned by large forest land managers who have harvested trees in this region for over 100 years. The harvest impacts all of our lives in the form of useful products that we all use every day.

It is through the landowner’s valued tradition of sharing their private land for public use that we, the public, are fortunate to be allowed to recreate in this beautiful forest landscape.

For this reason we ask all visitors to be respectful of all rights of the landowners, all signage and road closings for your own safety and the safety of the crews as they continue to do their daily work.

To our landowners, the Moosehead Lake community is grateful for your contribution to our region. We know that without you we wouldn’t have a large part of our area’s outdoor activities. From all of us and our guests, THANK YOU! We truly appreciate you.

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