Maine's Night Sky can't be beat

When was the last time you stopped and did some star-gazing? The lights of the city hide all but the brightest stars and there aren’t many places left on earth where you can truly see the galaxy spread out above you. 

However, the Moosehead Lake Region is one of those few places. With our vast, remote landscape and no light pollution the sky is cloaked in darkness and you can see the stars in all their glory.

With or without a telescope, head to the woods for an unforgettable dark night sky watching venture. 

Take a moonlight snowshoe into any of our forests, enjoy s’mores by a campfire, or canoe under the stars and breathe in the peaceful night air.

Some of our remote sporting camps also offer not only the darkest sky conditions but advice from astronomers and presentations based around astronomical events such as meteor showers and the Aurora Borealis. 

In particular, the winter sky in the North Woods of Maine is a spectacular sight. Be sure to bring along your outdoor winter gear to keep you warm as you spend an evening, after dark, gazing at the night sky. 

At Moosehead nature is a way of life from dawn until long after dark. 

Book a stay in Moosehead Lake and be prepared to enjoy the view! The photos below were provided to us by the incredibly kind North Woods Aerial and are available for purchase!