Things to do in Moosehead Lake during the Spring

Moosehead in the spring is a lush green forested landscape teeming with awakening wildlife. 

The Moosehead Lake Region, aptly named, is famous for its abundant moose population. Spring is the most opportune time to catch a glimpse of moose calves with their mothers munching on new growth along the side of any number of our back-country roads or eating up the water grasses of shallow lake inlets, such as Socatean Bay. May and June are the most promising months to get an up-close look at this intriguing animal. 

Springtime is also when bear cubs, deer fawns, loon hatchlings, and eaglets are all beginning to find their legs and wings. They can often be seen just beginning to experience their environment. 

Whether you hire one of the area’s professional Maine Guides or strike out on your own, you are certain to get a glimpse of the abundant, diverse wildlife that makes Moosehead Lake famous!

Moosehead Spring Checklist

  • Roads surrounding the North Woods in the springtime can be filled with mud and potholes due to frost leaving the ground. Be sure to bring the right vehicle for your outdoor adventures. 
  • The weather can change quickly at Moosehead, so for guests heading outdoors on foot to explore, mud boots, rain jackets and even gloves that are needed at times in the spring.
  • A camera is a must-bring item because you never know what wildlife will cross your path while enjoying springtime at Moosehead. 

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– Better safe than sorry! Weather gets the best of us all sometimes. If conditions are too cold, too windy, or too icy, consider rescheduling your adventure for another time.

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