Preparing for a Winter Getaway Near Moosehead Lake

December 8, 2021 by Destination Moosehead

If you’re seeking a Winter Wonderland, the Moosehead Lake region is your ideal destination. Here you will find cozy cabins, miles of trails for cross country skiing or snowmobiling, fish-filled ponds and lakes perfect for ice fishing, and snow-covered mountains to create the perfect backdrop for your winter adventures. 

If you’d like to know the best way to take full advantage of your trip to the Moosehead Lake region, keep reading.  We’ve compiled all the best tips, tricks, and attractions for your stay into this guide for your winter wonderland escape!

Things to Do in the Moosehead Lake Region during the Winter

Do you see your favorite winter activities on the list below? Near the lake, this time of year is made for exploration, no matter the means. To best sample to scenery and snow, we recommend taking time to:

If you’re not sure where to start, there’s plenty of help to be enlisted! A Registered Maine Guide can accompany you on your adventures, doling out valuable advice and helping you find the best local sports for your preferred form of recreation. Guides also know what type of gear to bring, how to stay warm and safe in winter weather, will notice things that a visitor or untrained eye might miss, and generally know the region inside and out!

If hiring a Registered Maine Guide isn’t in your budget, don’t let that stop you from exploring! Just use caution, as the Moosehead Lake region is remote in some areas, and cell phone service is not always available.   

Here are a few important tips to remember when venturing out on your own. 

  • DRESS FOR THE WEATHER – Be sure to pack extra clothes and appropriate footwear. Between changing conditions and different levels of excursions, you may put on and take off layers several times in one trip.
  • BE PREPARED – Bring an emergency kit with extra food, water, and emergency supplies (including a thermal blanket)
  • HAVE A PLAN – Make a plan and don’t head out on your own. Ensure someone knows what your planned route and destination are, as well as an approximate return time.
  • WATCH FOR MOOSE – Caution to snowmobile riders if you see moose on the trails let them have their space, and don’t chase them or make them run. It’s tough because they don’t like to leave the trail, but they also have a hard time navigating in the winter. Chasing them or making them run with your snowmobiles into the unpacked snow can put stress on these animals.
  • CHECK THE WEATHER – Make sure when planning your outdoor winter adventure that you are checking the local weather forecasts. If the day looks too windy, too cold, or too icy, consider rescheduling your adventure for another time when conditions are better.

Exploring Towns Near Moosehead Lake

  • Beaver Cove – Beaver Cove has excellent access to Moosehead Lake, and is home to Lily Bay State Park. If you are looking for winter camping opportunities, Lily Bay State Park is the place for you. To camp here you must contact the park staff prior to your visit at 207-695-2700. Also to note there is no water available in the park during the winter months  Looking for a hike? Check out Burnt Jacket Mountain!
  • Greenville & Greenville Junction – The town of Greenville is the centerpiece of the Moosehead Lake Region. Greenville is home to our shopping district and features waterfront dining options. 
  • Kokadjo – The Town of Kokadjo is a great jumping off point for many of Maine’s best outdoor activities, such as fishing, hunting, bird and moose watching,snowmobiling  and more. 
  • Monson – When you arrive in Monson, plan to stay a while.  Whether you’re in the mood for local art, interested in food tourism and breweries, or itching for some outside adventure, Monson has it all. In addition to being an artist town, Monson is an official Appalachian Trail Community. .
  • Rockwood – Rockwood has something for everyone with Mount Kineo State Park & Maine’s North Woods at its fingertips! If you’re a hiker, don’t miss Kineo’s Indian Trail up to the Fire Tower for gorgeous 360 degree panoramic views and enjoy the wooded Bridle Trail on the way back down. Travel by snowmobile to  Pittston Farm.! Rockwood also boasts a large system of snowmobile trails that are groomed and cared for by local snowmobile clubs . Many people use these trails to ride to Canada through Jackman. 


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