Northern Maine Minerals

June 4, 2018 by Destination Moosehead

Making its debut in downtown Greenville, Northern Maine Minerals has an impressive display of all types of minerals, enough to make the amateur geologist’s heart pitter-patter. Located on Pritham Avenue, across from Thoreau Park, the store offers a variety of sparkly, eye-catching gems (some literal, some figurative). From geodes to beautifully hand-crafted decorations, jewelry to abalone buttons, this store will appeal to everyone who ventures through its doors.

Upon entering, you’ll see a large stuffed moose, the mascot of the store, that has been with them for years. Definitely stop for that quick photo-op.

Now here is where you get stuck. There are so many beautiful things that you immediately want to walk up to and hold in your hands that you stutter to a stop as you try to figure out which way to go. The two proprietors, Fred and Jordan, know their stuff and can help you out of your shiny-induced fugue. (Honestly, you’ll feel like a magpie.) Fred and Jordan are also excellent teachers and are excited about what they have to show you (ask about the agatized coral, it’s ridiculously cool).

They have also organized several trips throughout the summer which would allow you to spelunk (just a bit) and search for rocks and crystals, all while enjoying their expertise and the beauty that the Northern Maine woods has to offer.  Contact them today to ask about these and other geology tours and adventures!

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