Frequently Asked Questions

What are the times for the Kineo Shuttle?

Please see the attachment for the summer of 2015 schedule for the shuttle to Mount Kineo.


I want to see a moose. Where do I go?

There are a couple of different ways that you can see a moose! In this handy brochure, you’ll find all of the guides that will bring you on a Moose Safari. These trips can take many different forms. Call the guides for more information on the types and costs of the trips.

There are also a few moose “hangouts” that you can visit on your own right from your vehicle that aren’t too far off the beaten path. Check out the directions to these spots in our Moose brochure.


When can I see a moose?

The best time of year to see moose is in May and June. Moose are also crepuscular (as opposed to diurnal or nocturnal), which means that they are most active around dusk and dawn.


Where can I go hiking?

Check out our hiking guide for directions to the trailheads, along with distance, difficulty, and time!


Where is a good scenic drive?

Check out our scenic drive brochure for some great ideas!


How do I get to the B-52 crash site?

GPS Coordinates: 45°31′40″N 69°26′5″W

Set your odometer at the blinking light and head north on Lily Bay Road, at 7 miles turn right on Prong Pond Road, at 10.7 miles, bear left at fork, at 12.4 miles you will cross a wooden bridge. Take the next left at 12.5 miles, continue until you reach the trailhead at 14 miles. Return on the same road you used to reach the site. Be aware that the road will have some potholes, so drive slowly.


How do I get to Moxie Falls?

Starting at the blinking light in Greenville, head north on Route 15.
At 1.4 miles, turn left on Depot St.
At 2.2 miles, curve right.
At 3.8 miles, stay straight past Greenville Landfill.
At 5.3 miles, curve left.
At 6.1 miles straight through the gate.
At 12.2 miles pass “Wally World”.
At 17.1 miles straight through the gate.
At 18.0 miles, stop and then take a left onto Indian Pond Road.
At 19.8 miles, take a sharp right turn onto Lake Moxie Road.
At 23 miles, right into Moxie Falls parking lot.
At 25 miles, take a left or right at the stop sign at 201 for food and gas.


Where are there boat launches on Moosehead Lake?

Greenville Junction Wharf, Rockwood Town Landing, Lily Bay State Park, and Seboomook.


What are the fees for checkpoints?

Check out North Maine Woods for more info on fees and open dates for checkpoints.