October 16-20, 2019

9:00AM - 8:00 PM


T4 Survival Camp October 2019 – Destination Training with the Best in the Business!
This Camp was designed for civilians who want to have the confidence to carry their firearm and to learn the skills necessary to defend themselves and their loved ones by being immersed in our exclusive live fire training in the North Woods of Maine!

T4 Survival Camp is an inclusive 5 day event that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, lakefront cabin accommodations, ammo and access to our exclusive training.

Training will feature classroom and live fire training in:
💥 Threat Neutralization
💥 3rd Party Protection
💥 Weapon Retention
💥 Shooting while injured
💥 Night shooting
💥 Low light shooting with and without a light source
💥 Close Quarter Shooting
💥 Weapon Disarms
💥 Shotgun Fundamentals

T4 Survival exclusive lakefront cabin accommodations partner: The Birches Resort, Rockwood, Maine 04478

Questions? Call us 203-439-2000 Ext 7

At T4 Survival we have trained thousands of law enforcement, government agencies and civilians in defensive tactics. We train, test and certify instructors to teach our T4 curriculum all over the United States. Now you have the opportunity to spend 5 days with our team Training 4 the Fight of your Life in the Northwoods of Maine!

T4 is short for TRAINING 4

T4 Survival is the culmination of the desire to prepare our Law Enforcement, Military and Citizenry with the tools that they can use to survive the worst of situations.  We have brought together the knowledge and experience of 75 years of Combative, Firearm and Law Enforcement Training to develop curriculum that will put you into intense situations to apply that knowledge with the benefit of a controlled environment.  The T4 Survival team has developed curriculum to give you the skills to combat all aspects of that moment you are faced with life or death.  From training to combat ambush for law enforcement to counter active shooter for civilians we have a plan to survive! We also Train, Test and Certify Law Enforcement & Civilian Instructors to teach our curriculum around the globe.


Event Address

281 Birches Road, Rockwood, Maine 04478

Contact Phone

(203) 439-2000

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