May 12, 2018

12:00pm - 4:00pm


Fiddlehead harvesting is a Maine tradition that has its roots in Native American times. Many Mainers can recall the time-honored family tradition of fiddleheadin’ with their parents and grandparents, and it has become a cherished springtime ritual. Because they need to be picked before they unfurl into the large fronds of the fern, Maine’s spring fiddlehead-picking season is short, only four to six weeks long. With their short growing season, this wild delicacy is a highly coveted sign of spring renewal.

Fiddleheads are delicious and have a woodsy taste like asparagus, spinach and mushrooms combined.

Join Maine fiddlehead forager Monica Bates as she shows us how to gather our own fiddleheads! Once we have learned where to look, as well as what to pick and what not to pick, we will head to Greenville for a demonstration on a variety of ways to prepare these native Maine treats with Greenville’s own Northwoods Gourmet Girl, Abby Freethy.  Lunch is provided.  Everyone is guaranteed to go home with at least a quart of fiddleheads to prepare yourself!


The group will meet in Abbot at the Town Hall  at 12:00PM where Monica Bates will share her harvesting tips with you during the lunch.  Following that she will guide you out into the forest to locate the right fronds and harvest your own fiddleheads.  Once you’ve got the loot, we will travel up to Greenville to the Northwoods Gourmet Girl kitchen where Abby Freethy will demonstrate tips and techniques of fiddlehead preparation.  You will get to taste the various ways she prepares them for you!  You will have to transport yourself or carpool from Abbott to Greenville.

You will be in the woods for the first part of the trip, appropriate footwear is suggested.


Extend your weekend with a stay at the Kineo View Lodge or one of our other lodging partners and enjoy a Mother’s Day Breakfast Buffet from 7:00AM-11:00AM or a Lunch and Dinner Buffet from 11:30AM-7:00PM at Kelly’s Landing. Reservations suggested.  Cost: $50

Thanks to Victor Morin for our cover photo!


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