Kennebec River High Water


Kennebec River High Water

Join Northeast Whitewater for thrilling rafting on 4 high water whitewater rafting release trips each rafting season!

Join Northeast Whitewater for special whitewater rafting releases on the Kennebec River when the flow nearly DOUBLEs its normal volume.This is an “aggressive, high water adventure whitewater rafting trip” and ideal for anyone with an adventurous, go for it, attitude! If you love whitewater action, you will definitely want to be on this unique, high water, big volume Kennebec River awesome whitewater rafting release trip!

Kennebec River High Water Turbine Test rafting trips get liquid excitement of 8,000CFS whitewater flows out of the dam. What is a Turbine Test, you ask? A Turbine Test is when the dam operators at Brookfield Renewable Power test their generating turbines by releasing the maximum amount of water possible from Harris Station Dam. What does that mean for you?  Huge whitewater waves; no kidding waves as tall as buildings stand 20 feet in height! Our whitewater raft guides navigate the huge whitewater waves in our 16′ state of the art rafts. Not quite challenging enough? Request a 14′ SPORT RAFT that holds six rafters or one of our 13′ SPORT RAFTS that only hold 4 guests! We are closely located to Bar Harbor, Bangor, Acadia National Park and this is guaranteed the wildest whitewater rafting trip in Maine. Imagine 20′ tall standing waves as you approach in a 13′ SPORT RAFT?! Gulp!

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