Dead River Release


Dead River Release

Dead River Rafting

16 miles of continuous Maine rafting with non-stop whitewater, the Dead River is an exhilarating ride. The water levels swell with scheduled dam releases, making this wild whitewater rafting trip from Grand Falls to the confluence of the Dead and Kennebec Rivers ever changing and always exciting. The Dead River has six scheduled high water release dates that are sure to get your blood pumping. Since the Dead River only releases a few times a year for whitewater rafting, the level of whitewater released from raft trip to raft trip is unpredictable, which makes this whitewater rafting adventure a new experience every time. There are multiple class III-IV rapids.

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If you’re ready for the Dead River, the Dead River is ready for you on scheduled release days from May – October.

Book your trip on release day for the ultimate rafting adventure!

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