New Life Church

We look forward to the next chapter as it unfolds for New Life Church.  Many times the wood, stone & mortar is called the church.  The church is the body of Christ. The body of believers, that meet to seek God as a family that protects & loves those that God has placed among us.
We all have needs & God uses His church to be an extension of His hands​.
Most families are made up of less than perfect people that are held together by a family blood bond.
The churches bond is through the blood of Jesus Christ.  ​We are all brothers & sisters in Christ, no matter your background, the color of your skin, you financial condition, or your age.
I believe that God will bless Greenville, the County & beyond as we seek His face & trust Him.

Service at 10:00am

60 Mayhew Manor
Greenville, ME 04441 

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207-695-4316​ (Main)

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