Double H Photo

Distinctive. Heartfelt. Magnetic.  Hannah is a New England based photographer born and raised on a large lake located in a small town in Maine. The past seven years, camera-in-hand, have been very successful and fulfilling for her. Hannah’s style is anything but ordinary, infused with emotions & truth. She tends to bring out the realness in her clients- building a relationship from the beginning. You both work as equals to bring life to your vision for your photographs. Her down-to-earth personality and personable approach to interacting with individuals creates a very relaxing environment and allows for creativity. Robyn, Hannah’s second shooter of 4 years, employs photojournalism in her photography and is a master of candids! Robyn, like Hannah, loves weddings and meeting new people! Her work and Hannah’s go hand-in-hand to preserve the perfect memory of your day! You will see more than one style in their images & they find that to be their photo superpower!