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Get floating! The 120 square miles of Moosehead Lake aren't going to explore themselves.

In a typical year, the best boating occurs from Memorial Day through early September. The lake levels are full at the beginning of the season, with the annual drawdown commencing in mid August. By late fall, the lake is usually down by at least three feet. Caution is advised in shallow bays and coves. The lake is marked with hazard buoys, beginning 200 feet from shore. Public launching facilities are available in Greenville, Rockwood, and Seboomook. For those of you seeking privacy and solitude for canoeing and kayaking, scores of smaller lakes and ponds await you. Some of the most popular are Wilson Ponds, Prong Pond, First Roach Pond, Brassua Lake, Mountain View Pond, Sawyer Pond, and Indian Pond. While all of the above mentioned offering public launching, some are vehicle accessible, while others are carry in. Consult a map or ask at the Visitor’s Center if unsure. Canoes and kayaks are also available for rent at a few of the local shops, and some offer pickup and delivery to your area of choice! Regardless of the size of your boat, there is abundant room for you to enjoy the Moosehead Lake Region, a true boater’s paradise.


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