Embracing Mud Season

Tips on enjoying Maine's fifth season


In the Moosehead Lake Region, we are lucky enough to enjoy sparkling white winters and lush green summers. The transition, though, doesn’t happen overnight. As the snow banks begin to melt and the grass makes its reappearance, we find ourselves caught in the transitional grays and browns of mud season.

Although it would be easy to daydream of warm summer days on the lake, or reminisce about snowmobile adventures of the past, there’s a lot to enjoy right now in the Moosehead area. So dig out your rubber boots and fleece jackets, and let’s get outside and embrace the changing seasons!

Get some of that fresh spring air into your lungs and head out for a hike! Mountain peaks can be icy and slippery until late spring, so it’s a good idea to check out some waterfalls in the area. Waterfall hikes are remarkable this time of year, with high water levels and beautiful views. Maine’s rivers are young in geological terms, which means they are fast and powerful with high volume cascading falls. This unique landscape has called to people for thousands of years, and we’re sure you’ll love it too. Why not join the Northwoods Wellness Collective as they explore three of the area’s waterfalls?

Photo: Northeast Whitewater

Spring is the best season to spot a moose! As the temperatures begin to rise, moose begin to venture out from their deep woods winter hideouts to feed on the growing vegetation. Check out our local moose hotspots and tips, or for your best chance of seeing one of these beauties in their natural habitat, contact one of our Registered Maine Guides to book a moose safari today!

Photo: First Light Guide Service


Spring is a fisherman’s paradise! Fish are very active feeders during mud season, hence, they are more likely to bite whatever is attached to your hook. If you are new to fishing in the areas, we highly recommend the use of a Registered Maine Guide to show you the ropes and provide you with an experience of a lifetime. Check out our fishing page for more information, and be sure to visit Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to find the rules and regulations in our ponds and lakes, and be sure to have a valid fishing license!

The Moosehead Lake Region is a place for adventure in all four seasons. If you’re willing to get a little muddy, spring on Moosehead can be an experience to remember.

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