Beyond the Lake

June 20, 2019 by Destination Moosehead

When you arrive at Moosehead Lake from the south, Greenville is the town you enter at the southern-most tip of the lake. With all the looked-for amenities, Greenville has become a hub for the surrounding communities that contribute to the soulful, artsy, outdoor experiences that makes us Moosehead.

Monson One of these communities a bit south of the lake is Monson. Located on Hebron Lake, Monson is known for its art community and unique cuisine. This rural town lets artists and writers enrolled in the Monson Arts four-week residency program craft their works without distraction. The Quarry restaurant provides hardworking artists and wilderness explorers with fine dining to soothe the grumbles of an empty stomach.

Shirley Find all the plants your heart desires or pick up an arrangement for your significant other at North Pointe Farm & Garden in Shirley. North Point also has farm-fresh dairy, breads and sweets, as well as garden décor. Also in Shirley, you can channel your adrenaline on a whitewater rafting expedition at Northeast Whitewater. When you’re done rafting, stay in a yurt or head out in search of moose. Dovetail Bat is nearby, too, so stop in to see these Maine-made major league baseball bats.

Kokadjo On the east side of Moosehead Lake is Kokadjo, which can be your last stop before venturing out into miles of the northern Maine woods. There, all you will find are logging roads and the Roach River, which is fantastic for fishing!

Rockwood If your adventure takes you to the west side of Moosehead, Rockwood is where you can discover Moose River the largest tributary to Moosehead Lake. Rockwood, like Kokadjo, is a great point to start your journey into the northern Maine woods. Rockwood has something for everyone with Mount Kineo State Park & Maine’s North Woods at its fingertips!  

Jackman Jackman, known for ATVing and fishing, is where the Moose River originates. The Moose River flows from Jackman, through Rockwood, and into Moosehead Lake. With more than 300 miles of ATV trails, there is no shortage of new paths to travel in Jackman. You could spend hours riding the trails or use them to take you where you can fish the plentiful rivers, streams and lakes, and maybe even catch a rare splake.

When visiting Moosehead Lake and our incredibly beautiful region of Maine, we encourage you to experience these unique communities beyond the lake.

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