Benefits of Hiring a Registered Maine Guide

April 30, 2021  by Destination Moosehead

Hiring a Registered Maine Guide is a great way to squeeze every last drop out of your Maine outdoor experience. Though it is not a guarantee of success, Registered Maine Guides know our area inside and out, and are able to apply that knowledge to your adventure goals to make sure you have the best chance of seeing — or catching — what you came for. An excursion with a Guide brings with it the knowledge of where to go, what time to be there and what gear to pack for the event.

What is a Registered Maine Guide, and When Are They Helpful?

Maine Guides are licensed and registered with the State of Maine. “Guide” refers to any person who receives payment (in any form) for services that include accompanying or assisting others in the fields, woods, or on/in the water in Maine. A “Master” level certification indicates that the Guide has gone above and beyond in a particular field or classification to accumulate more than the standard level of experience. A Master Guide must also have at least a minimum of a decade of experience, half of which was spent under their particular field of specialization. 

We are very lucky to have talented Maine Guides in our region to take guests ATVing, birding, boating (including canoeing and kayaking), dog sledding, fishing, hiking, hunting, moose watching, snowmobiling, whitewater rafting, and winter camping! 

The History of Registered Maine Guides

Guides have been helping visitors get the most out of their Maine getaways since the days of Thoreau; however, the state started requiring registration starting in 1897. In fact, Maine was the first state to require certification and is still known to have the most rigorous — and therefore attractive — registration process in the lower 48! The first person to become a Registered Maine Guide, in the year that registration was introduced, was avid hunter, fly-fisher, camper and author Cornelia “Fly Rod” Thurza Crosby. Throughout the year, about 1,700 more individuals pursued and received their licensure within the state. At present, there are approximately 6,300 Maine Guides licensed in the Pine Tree State, including Master Guides.

Why Hire a Registered Maine Guide?

The answer is simple: Make your time count! Your time spent away from the grind and in pursuit of the things that make you happy is absolutely invaluable. Working with an individual who knows the rhythm of the land, how to find that particular wildflower, where to capture the best sunrise shot or which fly will land the local Brookies will not only help your excursion be successful, but will also take the pressure of planning off your shoulders. When you don’t have to think about mapping a course, safety equipment, timeframes or even making coffee in the morning, you’ll be able to truly sink into the moment and soak in the beauty that the region has to offer. 

Even lifelong Mainers and experienced outdoorsmen (and women) can benefit from the assistance of a Registered Guide. A few helpful suggestions, a less-known tidbit about the area, comments on the wildlife or helpful tips for preparedness in the environment can help round out your Maine adventure and increase the likelihood of realizing your Maine vacation goals.

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Maine Guide

  • What does the excursion include? 
  •  What equipment will be provided, and what should I bring?
  • How many others will be in camp? How many others will be with your guide?
  • Can this trip be modified to accommodate those with special needs?
  • What can I expect for weather conditions? Is there a plan in place if inclement weather delays or prevents the trip?
  • Are meals included? If not, what type of foods should be packed in?
  • Is transportation included? If so, in what form and from what points?
  • Are licenses required? If so, are they included, or do they need to be acquired before the trip?

With the assistance of a Registered Maine Guide, you’re bound to see some of the best that our region can offer. Take a moment to peruse these local businesses and find the Registered Maine Guide that works best for you!

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