It's time to get a little mud on your tires.

Moosehead Lake’s local ATV trail volunteers do an incredible job of maintaining well marked trails throughout our region! You can ride from Greenville to The Forks, Rockwood and even Kokadjo to get a real backcountry experience! The adventures are truly endless with ponds, moose sightings and mountains to explore! The trail systems make it possible to go out for just a couple hours of fun or make it a full day expedition. Don’t own an ATV? No problem! Rent one from one of our local businesses!

Trails open in late spring to when the trails close for snowmobile traffic only in late fall. Call closer to the season for specific trail dates. Greenville allows ATV to travel through the main parts of town, allowing riders to access restaurants and shops. Riders can also park their trailers and ride from the any of the rec trailheads from Greenville Junction to the East Outlet.

REMEMBER: Respect all landowners and their property. Always stay on marked trails. Bring one of our ATV maps and have an awesome time!


ATV Trail Map of Regions

ATV Map Downtown Greenville ATV Trails

ATV Map Kokadjo Trails

ATV Map Rockwood-Pittston-Jackman Trails

Friends of Moosehead Lake ATV

Rentals can be found at:

Northwoods Outfitters

Moosehead Motorsports

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