5 Unique Adventure Vacation Ideas

April 6, 2018 by Guest Blogger, Jessica Hargraves of Northeast Whitewater

When the day-to-day becomes drudgery, it’s time for a unique adventure getaway that challenges mind and body, reminding the average person that average is overrated.  Start by choosing an authentic, guided adventure that will engage your mind, body and senses in nature. Choose from an exhilarating whitewater rafting trip, opt for the challenge of tackling peaks with amazing views, and find respite with your family in a yurt.  All these unique adventure vacation ideas are available to you in the Moosehead Lake area with Northeast Whitewater, here’s five unique adventure vacation ideas that we have put together that should top your list!

Moose Watching

Aside from the natural beauty that Maine radiates from the coast to to Moosehead Lake, we are one of the few states that is home to moose.  The highlight to any Maine vacation is the adventure of seeing a moose in its natural habitat. Moose can weigh well over 1000 pounds and stand over seven feet just to their shoulders!  When you consider the size of a Maine moose, its remarkable how elusive they are, which makes a guided Maine moose watching tour such a treat when you visit Maine.  Consider the uniqueness of this type of wildlife adventure; guests are guided in the natural habitat of moose in the early mornings and late evenings and our Registered Maine guides tell stories that bring guests closer to understanding the history and natural environment they are immersed in during the 3.5-4 hour tour.  What’s even more special about this adventure is that it’s ideal for all ages. Don’t forget your cameras!

Ice Caves (Yes, in the Summer!)

Grab your sweater, but don’t forget your t-shirt and shorts, on this unique guided adventure.  A pile of heavy boulders that were plowed together by glaciers during the last ice age made openings between the rocks, with no sun exposure ice forms and creates a chamber of ice between the boulders.  This icy chamber is the cave we visit on our guided ice cave excursions.  This is a scenic adventure trip on logging roads, with special stops along the Penobscot river showcasing spectacular views of Maine’s largest mountain, Katahdin.  Bald eagles are seen soaring overhead most days and you may even spy a moose on this unique adventure trip.


The Moosehead Lake area resides it an area of Maine called the Highlands.  It’s aptly named the Maine Highlands due to its natural grandstand of mountains, woods, lakes and rivers.  Home to over 200 tumbling and cascading waterfalls, the 100-mile wilderness section of the Appalachian trail, and a unique hiking challenge known as the Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit.  Hiking in the Moosehead Lake area is not only magical, it’s the place for lovers of our natural world and adventurers alike.  So, grab your pack and trusted boots to be inspired by the sounds of the forest and scenic views when you add hiking in the Moosehead Lake area to your list of adventures during your vacation this summer!

Two Rivers in Two Days

Are our 5 unique vacation adventure ideas inciting adventure so far?  Since we truly have something for everyone here that will rouse excitement, any fun-spirited adventurer is going to love anchoring a couple days here at Moosehead Lake to ride the waves of the Kennebec river and Penobscot rivers.  Northeast Whitewater is the only Maine rafting company at Moosehead Lake and uniquely offers day trips from our one location for mild to wild whitewater rafting fun.  Choose our #1 family rafting trip or the more adventurous whitewater thrills and ride the waves with our Registered Maine guides on our beautifully, scenic two rivers in two days getaway package.

Stay in a Yurt

There is a growing trend for travelers to enjoy unique experiences while vacationing and a yurt lodging stay, offers just that. Take the first step to plan your unique vacation experience in Maine with all of our Moosehead Lake Things to Do and stay with us in our yurts!  Here at Northeast Whitewater, we have 4 yurts that are new in 2018!  2 of the yurts sleep 6 guests each with 3 sets of bunk beds; ideal for families or small groups.  The 2 smaller yurts each have 1 king bed, ideal for couples or single adventure travelers. After a day filled with outdoor adventure, you can retreat to a comfortable bed, making it an ideal vacation choice for active families.  Surround yourself in nature, relax with friends or family in a comfy circular communal space inside our yurts. Bonus is electricity and a dome sky light to stargaze at night!

Northeast Whitewater Lodge, Campground and Guide Service was established in 2007 by Jeremy and Jessica Hargreaves.  We have a passion for the outdoors, providing exceptional guest experiences and love for our Dogs of Northeast Whitewater.  You can reserve your unique adventure vacation with Northeast Whitewater and stay with us in our new yurts this season.  Questions about our yurts or stay and play packages?  Contact us today at 207-695-0151.  We look forward to being a part of your unique adventure vacation in the Moosehead Lake area this season!

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